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Roof Cleaning

Safe Roof Stain Removal in the Huntsville, AL Area

Did you know your roof isn’t dirty? It’s true – those unsightly dark stains and streaks on your roof shingles are actually an infestation of algae, mold, mildew and bacteria that impact your Huntsville, AL area home’s appearance and property value. These uninvited guests will eat and destroy wood, deteriorate roofing materials, and make your roof retain heat (raising cooling costs). Many homeowners in the Huntsville, AL and Madison, AL areas, plus the surrounding Alabama Counties of Madison, Limestone, Morgan, Marshall, Cullman, Blount, and Etowah are having their roofs cleaned. But before you hire just anyone to wash your roof,  we have very important information to share with you!

Soft Washing VS Pressure Washing

Standard pressure washing only attacks algae, mold and mildew growth at the surface. The “stains” may be gone, but the roots of the problem still remain, and the stains grow back thicker and blacker – usually within 6 months!

1 Source Soft Wash’s Soft Wash method treats roof stains like what they are – organic growth, not stains! We treat the roof surface to achieve an amazing 100% kill-ratio on these unsightly, potentially damaging organisms.


TOP 10 REASONS To Get Your Roof Cleaned

1) Enhances Curb Appeal!

Roof cleaning is a small cost that makes a HUGE difference for your home’s overall appearance and beauty!

2) Improves Roof Longevity!

Get the most out of your shingles with our safe Soft Wash method our 100% Biodegradable roof cleaning formula.

3) Decreases Energy Costs!

Removing black stains provides a more reflective roof surface and may help keep energy bills down.

4) Maintains Home Value!

Our roof maintenance program helps to maintain integrity of your roof, thereby protecting your property value.

5) Increases Roof Lifespan!

Prevent premature roof leaks and cracks due to destructive algae, moss, and lichen growth.

6) Why Replace it? We Can Clean it!

Our roof cleaning service provides like new results for a mere fraction of the cost of a brandf new roof!

7) Manufacturer Approved!

Our safe Soft Wash Roof Cleaning method is recommended by the American Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA).

8) 5 Year Limited Warranty!

Every roof cleaning job we perform is backed by our industry-leading 5 Year Limited Warranty. View Warranty Details

9) Fully Trained & Professional!

We have completed all required coursework, have years of roof cleaning experience, and are roof cleaning pros in every way!

10) Health Benefits!

Roof Cleaning helps to stop mold and allergens from passing through your roof and into your attic.


We Warranty Against Re-Infestation

1 Source Soft Wash will warranty against the dark re-occurrences of mold, mildew and bacteria on the roofing surface for a period of five years (60 months) from the date of our original treatment / cleaning.

We Warranty Against Damages Related To Re-Infestation

1 Source Soft Wash will warranty the roof against damages that might be caused by the re-occurrence of mold, mildew and bacteria within the five year warranty period.

We Warranty Against Unlikely Damages Associated with the Cleaning

1 Source Soft Wash will warranty the roof in the unlikely event that our men, equipment or chemicals cause proven damages to the roofing system.

We Warranty Against Unlikely Damages Associated with the Cleaning

1 Source Soft Wash guarantees that our equipment and / or chemicals will absolutely not negate your manufacturer’s warranty. If so, 1 Source Soft Wash will become the warranty holder on your roof and act in the place of the manufacturer honoring their manufacturer’s warranty.

Make the Right Choice for Your Property

When it’s time to maintain the appearance and condition of your property, it’s important to know that all exterior cleaning companies are NOT created equal. If you hire just anyone, you could be left with larger problems than dirt and grime. If the contractor you hire doesn’t use the proper cleaning methods and procedures, costly damage to your roof, siding, windows, or landscaping can be the unfortunate result. Make the right choice for your Residential, Commercial or Multi-Unit Property in the Huntsville, AL / Northern Alabama area.

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